16 December 2008

Oh. Yeah.

New Girl still had a few small pieces of furniture and little bits to pick up from her ex-boyfriend's place, so we zooted over there to collect them. It was about 9am and the ex-b was upstairs still asleep. We did our best to be quiet but there was still some knocking and banging about, and yet on he snoozed.

After about an hour I looked at New Girl in amazement and said, "I can't believe he's still asleep. I could never keep sleeping while someone else was inside my house."

New Girl's look to me was one of incredulity. "I think, haze, that recent events have proven that that is most certainly not the case."


Carol said...


And felicitations for the anniversare of your birth, which my calculations tell me is tomorrow.

Welcome (*almost*) to old-bagdom.

hazelblackberry said...

Good grief! It's nice to know someone's been paying attention. Yes, 39 tomorrow. I don't know when I officially turn into an old bag, but I hope it's still a few years off.

And thanks.

NewGirl&ManHands said...


See you for breakfast and views SOON!!!