15 December 2008

Straight Lines

Because "they" will be knocking it down at some stage, The Antiquer wanted to head off to take photos of Perry Lakes stadium the other day. I was his happy accomplice, even though I was waaaay ahead of him. I'd done this a couple of years before, remember? Of course you do.

We wandered around in the afternoon sun, marvelling at the wonderful cruddiness of it all. Here are a few of my favourite shots.

Oh the austerity!

You may think the government owns Perry Lakes, but you'd be wrong. From the amount of signage we saw around, it became apparent that someone called PERP is, in fact, in charge. Also known occasionally as "Perp", just so there's no mistake.

We wandered around the back of the grandstand. As we took some snaps there The Antiquer turned to me and in his best lisping voice said, "Such a sumptuous light-filled space? Would make fabulous studio apartments."

But "great view of Little Athletics competitions" probably wouldn't be an appropriate selling point.


Spud Mack said...

Did you happen to make your way in to the basketball stadium. I would love to see shots of that run down dump.

It is always amusing to see the Wildcats training there on the news, as the floor caves in and the rats eat what is left of the grandstand.

hazelblackberry said...

The Antiquer went in there while I was transfixed by a fairy floss sign, Spudler. I ain't seen his photos yet.