01 October 2008

I Like My Old Stuff Better Than My New Stuff

Before I had my own blog, I used to write stuff on someone else's blog. For your browsing pleasure:

The Hyphenation
Matte Finish
Mama Don’t Want No Peas, No Rice, No Coconut Oil
Ex Marks the Spot
What I Like About You, Senior Cits
There Was One Thing We Weren’t Thinking Of
A Banquette Fit for a King
Not to Be Taken with Food
The Lion And the Unicorn
Crescent or Gibbous?
Choking Back the Tears
Tally Ho!
Sugar Mama
The Merry-Go-Round by the Sea
Mr Marbles Comes to Town
Don’t Perspirate the Minutia
We Are Still Good Friends
The Aeroguard: Don’t Forget It
Husker Du?
I’m (Bridget) Jonesin’


Carol said...

I say that all the time ... But you are still teh awesome.

Anyway, Nick! I really loved that blog way back when - probably one of the first blogs on the Mrs Hardly blogroll.

hazelblackberry said...

Oh yeah, Nick. He was good. He still writes an entertaining email when he isn't having his latest existential crisis. Or is it the existential crisis that makes it all so amusing?

jim said...

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