16 December 2008

The butterflies for the butterfly ball.

Some people put on a big show of moaning and groaning about the relentless passing of time; the inevitable rolling by of the years. Not me. With each spin round the sun, life just seems to get better. My outlook is sunny and, as Ian Dury would say, here's some reasons to be cheerful:

(1) I thought I was moving to the country. I'm not. I'm staying in Perth.
(2) The beach and the ocean were beautiful this morning, and I was the only person there to witness it.
(3) My friends are all dear and lovely to me. I get to spend different parts of today with four of them. Plus the Small Thing. I only hope she doesn't hide a spider in the picnic basket.

Yes indeedy, life is good and getting gooder. Happy birthday to ME.


NewGirlandManHands said...

Oops! I left a comment on the wrong post..


We promise NOT to bring spiders to breakfast.

JAG said...

Happy Birthday Haze !!!

Big, defection-worthy hugs and kisses to you ;)


Heather said...


I love your sunny and sarcastic perspective, it always makes me smile. For that I am grateful! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Spud Mack said...

Happy Birthday indeed. Well done on the positivity. I could learn much from you!

Mary Bennet said...

Happy Birthday HB!

I was rather looking forward to your tales from Kununurra but, if the city's where you'd rather be, phew!

The Burp said...


I can't wait to here the goss as to why you're staying in Perth.

I hope you still might get to visit me tho'.

d said...

Happy Birthday Haze from dk&t on the wrong side of teh planet.

I am also looking forward to hearing about your staying in Perth.

We will also be returning early...

qe11 said...

happy birthday lovey!
can't wait to see ewe and give thee thou most deserving presents.
loving ewe xxxx
serena xxxxx

hazelblackberry said...

Thanks, everyone. I am now returning to my bed and my hangover.

Nick Crumbedprawn said...

happy birthday, HB...

Do tell re: stasis.

Also: nice attitude you have there. I want to replicate it for my own self...

Susan said...

Happy birthday! Sorry I'm late, but since I'm on the other side of the world it takes me longer to do things. Days longer.

Anonymous said...

Jez Mo says

Grumpy got a girlfriend with a birthday two days away from you?!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: "And people don't believe in astrology."

Happy Birthday, too.

Anonymous said...

jessie mo says:
i can't believe grumps got a girlfriend with a birthday 2 days away from yours. and people don't believe in astrology.

Happy Birthday, too.

hopefully Booper can give you some real live hugs.