19 July 2007

Lost Art

I had a day off today. A mental health day, and how. Bezley and Cinderella came up for lunch, bringing with them these 1970s treasures they'd unearthed from the shed. Stubby holders of today ain't got nothing on these stylish accoutrements.

Firstly, a loving tribute from a daughter who knows her daddy waddy woo woos is the kind of man fond of knocking back a king brown:

In the background are two regular stubby holders with some delightful patterns on them. One for the action man - look at the jump on that barra! -

- and a more delicate pattern for the lady of the house, who tends towards the introspective as she skulls her Emu Lager*.

All I need is some new styrofoam inserts and these bewdy bottlers will be the hit of the next Grumpyberry social occasion. Along with the whale willy stubby holder, of course, my dearest Burp.

*Hey, give her a break. You try getting something better in Fitzroy Crossing in 1974!


meva said...

They're bonza! They actually look like they're leather. All class.

Lonie Polony said...

Ahh, mental health days, I'm quite keen on them, stress-prone anxiety freak that I am.