17 July 2007

Snow White Tan

New Girl has been to known to rib me on occasion for my naive and cliched view of her English background. Fair cop.

But if you could only see her! She looks so English! She has big blue eyes and a lovely peaches and cream complexion. Mind you, maybe that's not such a recommendation after all. I recall my work mate Dropsy describing a p0rn star he particularly admired as having a peaches and cream complexion. Then again, she was an English p0rn star.

Look, never mind. The point is, we were talking the other day about jewellery and how easy it is to lose. I relayed the woeful tale of losing a delicate little bracelet my in-laws had given me: I'd snared it on some rubbish I was piling into a bin and didn't feel it as it broke and fell into the bin itself. (I felt bad about that, and Grumpy made me feel worse.)

New Girl also lost a bracelet. It had a dodgy clasp and it slipped from her wrist as she walked through a field on her way home from school. Not as she crossed an oval, or as she was walking along someone's grassy verge. But as she walked through a field, satchel bumping her knees and dragging her hockey stick behind her.

Sometimes I think she's just messing with my mind.

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