22 February 2010

not a bank or a stadium

You are all bastards.

Just, you know, FYI.

From 6th October 2008 to 4th June 2009, for 243 days, I blogged every day, come rain or shine or suicidal thoughts. I gave you a minimum of one blog entry every single day. Most days you got more.

[All of them quality, of course.]

And did I get a single thanks from any of you? No. No I did not.

And then I didn't blog quite so much. And then I blogged a bit less than that. And it was only then that you shifted yourselves to get in touch. I wasn't blogging so much anymore, you whined. Touchingly, much of the whinging was specific: I wasn't blogging quite so much about you.

Cry me a river, arseholes.

Well, I'm throwing down the gauntlet. I'm going to give a daily blog a go again. It won't last forever but I need to get back into the swing of things.

So I'm back, babies, I'm back!

Not that any of you lot would even care.



curious said...

fyi, I am very glad you are back and get excited at all the updates in my reader:)

hazelblackberry said...

Thank you and trust you're feeling better.

k said...

um, how are you Hazel?

hazelblackberry said...

I am well and clearly in the best of mental health. Tip top.

k said...

And I am of course very excited about the concept of a regular daily blog once again from you. Although a little less strong language might be appreciated

k said...

Although I don't know what you will blog about. Its not like you ever have anything exciting happen to you!

The Burp said...

Thank bloody goodness. I will warn my techie at work that I will be hitting your site daily. (He has already told me off for visiting Facebook...which is bad considering I work at THAT school that has been through the media ringer this week)

hazelblackberry said...

I've even got a Burp entry that I've kept stored, which really should get an airing at some stage.

Prudence says said...

Ah - the joys of not knowing you in real life. I look forward to something outrageously fictional about me!

Karen said...

Blog as often (or not) as you'd like. I'll read everything you write. With interest.

hazelblackberry said...

Prudence and Karen, reliable as always.

George said...

If you think you can attract readers with foul language like that, you´re totally right! Yes, give me your daily curses! It will get me through those bloody awful office days!

JahTeh said...

Thanks HB, you know I've never going to hear Julie London and Cry me a River without thinking of you and putting the bad word in the song.
Cry me a river, I didn't notice you'd gone.

belongum said...

It's true... I am (a bastard that is). How did you know?

Probably written on my forehead... Bugger!

Oh the (blooging) pressure... please don't explode (Fremantle couldn't take it - not without council approval and several applications in triplicate)!


new girl said...

Daily hb! Yippee!!

This makes up for my self-imposed twitter abstinence.

That is all.

(from me).

More from you please.

oh. PS I transferred that money for those tickets. I probably should txtmsg you this.

QE11 said...

I care.....a bit.