19 February 2010

No, my first name *ain't* 'Baby".

RobertPlant was anxious. He was looking for my blessing.

For some time, we've been habitues, devotees if you will, of a rather excellent little secondhand book shop at the Stock Road Markets. RobertPlant heard the markets were closing down, though who knows if that's true, and has had ants in his pants to get back there and do his customary raid on the precious books.

This morning he decided he couldn't wait any longer and would go today. He rang me to confess: was that okay with me? Or would I despise him forever? I told him that in matters of the heart, he must do what is best for him.

Besides, as I so often remind him, he may be the one with the vast library, but I'm the one actually getting down to the business of reading the books. Yeah, he always hates that.


George said...

Yeah, owning a book (or a lot) doesn´t necessarily mean reading it. I try to do both.

Do you refer to that bookshop that´s absolutely stacked to the ceiling, with hardly any room to move, but in which you still can find your favourite department? I believe I also bought two books there (no use in visiting a bookshop without buying anything) back in ´05. Geez, long time ago, I need to get back to WA soon.


hazelblackberry said...

I might be referring to that one: aren't they all like that?

George said...

Well, yes and no. Elizabeth's for instance is much more organised and more "open". You can actually walk around there without the fear of tipping something over.
I refering to the one with, if I remember well, a door at the street side and a door at the market side.

But who cares, as long as they have books!