21 December 2009


On Sunday morning Heidi and I decided that we were too tired to cope with the demands of a dive, so settled for a snorkel instead at Boyinaboat Reef. Heidi wanted to check it out because she thought it would be a good spot for a dive. As we climbed up and down the rocks, them and us baking in the sun, I vowed and declared there'd be no way she'd get me all trussed up and lumbering over the mole in heavy, awkward dive gear. I can feel awkward just walking down the street, thanks.

We jumped in the water and swam out to the reef. We'd only been floating along for about ten minutes when I broke down and almost demanded of Heidi that our next dive be here, on this very spot*. She just smiled. Well, I can never really enjoy a thing unless I create a bit of drama first. And my resolve only wavered slightly as we exited the water, when the swell had picked up and getting a toehold on the rocks was a bit tricky.

Afterwards we had eggs. Nothing beats eggs. Not even scissors.

I could live on just eggs all the time. With maybe some lime to keep the scurvy at bay.

And a ship's biscuit.

*By 'this very spot' I mean Boyinaboat Reef. Not here in my office where I'm composing this blog. While the visibility would be good, when I'm in it conditions can rarely be described as calm.


Belongum said...

I miss getting kitted up for a dive... gotta admit though, I miss the diving more! Laughed out loud when I read your footnote haha!

hazelblackberry said...

If you miss getting kitted up for a dive, Belongum, you haven't been diving recently enough. However, the good thing about getting yourself into all the gear and traipsing over dunes to the water is the bliss of flopping into the ocean and just lying there for a while, getting over the effort.

Belongum said...

I do that now - carting the gear associated with overladed beach-destined parents/kids! Ahhhh - the joys of our Oz Christmas :-)
Mind you though - none of your scuba gear whines at you when it get's a bit of sand on it's gauges, nor does it squawk noisily when you step on it 'accidently'... hmmm - the plus's (pluses, plusses errr - multiples of plus?) just keep on adding up! ;-) Have an extra splash and flop for me willya - I really miss it... cheers ;-)

hazelblackberry said...

It will be an honour to flop for you.

k said...

Hmm, you really need to start previewing those comments before you post them Haze.

ps - word verification for this comment, fittingly for the topic at hand (ie diving, swimming, beachgoing et al, not you flopping for Belongum) is PATTLE - also fittingly for the fact that if it had an r it would be most appropriate for my long winded comment.

Anonymous said...

Heidi says:
aaahhhh yes, the eggs are the Best post sea-adventure nutrition!!
Bubbles will rise as soon as the wind blows less...at boyinaboat (where is this boat and its boy>??!)
floppingly fun times to be had

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