16 December 2009

Quick on the Uptake

Sometimes I can be a little sensitive about RobertPlant's friendship with Initials in the Tree.

We were browsing the shelves of a bookshop, in the same aisle as a couple of very blonde and shapely young chicky babes, when I picked up a new book about The Clash. Initials is, apparently, a big fan.

There was a touch of the snide in my voice when I waggled the volume in front of RobertPlant's face and said, "Here, why don't you get this for your boyfriend?"

"No point. I think he's lost interest."

At this the two chicky babes glanced around.

"In The Clash, not me," RobertPlant hastily amended, glancing right back at them.

"Not that he was ever interested in me," he corrected, digging himself in a little deeper.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that," I declared before braying with laughter. The chicky babes looked blank and turned away to resume perusing the bookshelves.

I think the subject area on their side of the aisle was Remedial Reading.


Karen said...

I haven't seen or heard the phrase "chicky babes" since 1979, when in a fit of pubescent enthusiasm, my grade school classmate Jeff B. decided to inform us what he liked about school dances.

k said...

ok, for a start - How can anyone lose interest in the Clash?

k said...

PS Karen; LOL
(word verification - "giggs")