23 December 2009

Iron in her soul; jelly in mine.

Inge de Bruin is determined that this year...next year...2010 we are running the City to Surf. I am being dragged along with her plans, kicking and screaming. I don't like it and, frankly, I'm frightened.

Last night we began our running training. I won't go into details except to say that it was horrifying. Afterwards we went to the pub. By 'went' I mean that Inge strolled in as though nothing was amiss with the world and I crawled in after her, sobbing, gasping for a glass of champers. Over dinner all my so-called friend wanted to do was discuss strategy. I was starting to feel hassled and a trifle sulky.

Because she's got dodgy knees, Inge can't do a lot of road running. She suggested that we train in King's Park, running on the stretch of grass leading up to the DNA tower.

"I like that idea," I said. "Particularly when the evenings get darker. No danger of being run over by a car. The worst that could happen to us is we'll be murdered!"

Inge smiled. "hazelblackberry, I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather be buried next to in a shallow grave."

Given what's been getting dished out lately, I'll take that as a compliment to treasure.


Anonymous said...

ARGHHHHhhh... exercise - getting fit? Owww!

Well - we're toying with getting bikes and ACTUALLY riding them regularly this year. My aim is to be riding into Freo for work! Thank gawd it's just a new year's resolution... no-one bats an eyelid if you don't bother fulfilling one of those! ;-)

Have a good night... happy NEW year!

Anonymous said...

There was a rumour at work that they might be flying down a team to do the City to Surf this year! I am getting overly excited about something that remains a rumour and am busily trying to increase the distance I can run in order to volunteer for the team without causing laughter-related injuries to my workmates.