05 January 2010

I know what I like so you can all go ride a bike.

Boot camp started up again this morning. It was hell. I notice no one makes a fuss of the fact that I've been going for nearly a WHOLE YEAR. I am possibly not the best example of what can be achieved in nearly a WHOLE YEAR. But for once in my life, my whole entire life, I've stuck at something. [Not counting that 14 years of marriage. I gave that my best shot but, you know, some things just don't stick.]

So where was I?

Anyway, we show up at boot camp and that's when the young Fraulein who takes us on Tuesday mornings says that there's been a change to the schedule. This year, she informs us, instead of each class being a mix of different stuff, we'll be doing all lower body work on Tuesdays, all upper body work on Thursdays and all cardio on Saturdays.

"So you know exactly what you've got in store each day when you show up," she said.

"We know what days to come," said someone else.

"No, we know what days to avoid," was the rejoinder to that.

"Well, that'd be all of them." I'll give you three guesses who said that.


d said...

I think you look better after 1 year of boot camp than 14 years of marriage.

hazelblackberry said...

Thanks. Well. Grumpy, in his grimmer moments, is fond of saying, "I ruined your life for 14 years." That may not be as helpful as he believes it to be.

Belongum said...

I still can't believe people PAY to do that to their body... are you all MAD???

Says I who was silly enough to volunteer for TWO of 'em - Army AND Navy... mind you - at least I was the one paid to attend them. Umm - I think...