12 November 2009

Mr Burt Reynolds and Mr Dolly Parton

RobertPlant has decided to turn his obsessive attentions to Robert Forster.

[When will he ever become obsessed with Bob?? Oh the conversations we could be having!]

So we were at Planet Books last night where RF was signing books. RobertPlant had bought two copies of the book, one for each of us, for the requisite autograph. It's been a while since he's bought a new book; he was somewhat affronted at the cost. He's going to be even more affronted when he gets to the content. I'd picked up a few other books I planned to buy. I showed him the latest one by Alan Bennett.

"Do you think RF would be offended if I asked him to sign this instead?"

RobertPlant snorted. The old jokes always get the best reactions.

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Anonymous said...

When I asked Stephen King to sign a Dan Brown book, he wrote in it: "P*** OFF!!!"