10 November 2009


Later on in the arvo one of Boxer Girl's friends and her husband turned up. At some point the friend got it in her head that she needed to set me up with one of her single (male) mates.

"Hey, here's one for you!" she said and proceeded to name a fellow.

You know how sometimes you just know someone isn't right for you? You don't need to meet them, you don't even need to have them described to you. You just know.

Fortunately the friend's husband knew too. He's a sensible, level-headed man and I was so grateful when he stepped in and said, "We are not introducing hb to Dodgy."


Karen said...

Yeah, that would be a clue.

WV: comaters

Is that "co-maters" (people who mate together?) or "come-at-'ers" (people who come at you [probably unwelcome]?)

It could also be a short sleep (coma, terse), I guess. It's all in the placement of the nonexistent extra 'e'.

It's too early in the morning. I should not be commenting on this.

JahTeh said...

For one ghastly moment I thought you were going to say he was wearing socks with sandals. My one and only blind date wore white socks with black shoes and his pants were short. I've never really recovered so after checking for green eyes I immediately go for the feet and not even green eyes can erase white socks and black shoes or socks with sandals.

Boxer Girl said...

I haven't even met dodgy but have heard alot about him over the years and I can assure you I would not let it happen!

hazelblackberry said...

Karen: spookily apt - or not - WV.

Jah Teh: I think I'd even draw the line at sandals, no socks. After all, they are sandals - he's obviously still being dressed by his mother.

Boxer Girl - big props to you for having my back.