14 August 2009

Would the lady care to advance the gentleman the money for the rose?

I was heading out to lunch today and as I got into the lift one of the senior execs jumped in with me.

"Look at you," he said, "all dressed up to the nines. You look like you're ready to hit the streets."

After a slight pause we both agreed that while he was clearly intending to compliment me, he could have chosen his words a little better and that we would never speak of it again.

And he doesn't even have the saving grace of looking like Richard Gere.


Karen said...

OMG! I kid you not my word verification is "snothed". Help, what was the real comment I came here to make?!

Oh, yeah. I was going to suggest that, while the executive may not look like Richard Gere, there is at least a frisson of Julia Roberts about you.

hazelblackberry said...

Thanks, Karen, but I fear that the only way I may resemble the gorgeous Ms R is in opening my mouth super-wide when I laugh. Always a pleasure for those eating with me.