04 August 2009

Not Smug Marrieds

Having dinner with Inge de Bruin at the Inglewood Hotel tonight. We are going to drink wine and gossip over the latest saga with her on-again off-again boyfriend. It all feels very Bridget Jones. I wish I could look into the future and tell Inge that she and her Vile Richard will end up happily ever after, but neither of us really knows what will happen - though I'd like to trust my sneaking suspicion that it Will All Work Out In The End.

In the meantime, pub meals are a mighty fine substitute for love.


celiapowell said...

I feel that "Love is a Pub Meal" has great potential as a self-help book. All sorts of potential for crazy metaphors there :-)

hazelblackberry said...

Something about bangers and mash? Oo-er!

k said...

hello if you are there please call