11 July 2009

Variations on a Theme Parts I & II

Part I

RobertPlant was admiring my shoes as we walked along.

"Oooh, nice shoes. A sensible flat heel I see.....Mmmm, with just a hint of discipline."

Part II

We were doing boxing at boot camp. The young lad taking the class was giving us some instructions.

"So you stand with your dominant hand back. And then you take your other hand...whaddya call that?...your non-dominant hand?"

"Er, would that be your submissive hand?" I asked.

There were a few snorts of laughter. The light was dim but I believe the poor lad blushed.


Anonymous said...

great shoes! what have I missed? what on earth have you been up to? (the word ver for this is oldemoni)

k said...

sorry, just me