10 July 2009

Pick Me Up

I was enjoying being in a stinker of a mood yesterday so when I stopped at the shops for yoghurt and rice crackers, I decided to go mental and get a packet of Mint Slices as well. Then, as luck would have it, Quirkie asked if I was receiving visitors and I said, "Yes! Come over! I've got Mint Slices!" She was round in a flash and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours screeching and gossiping. Her four older children were all out living their lives, leaving her with just a baby and an empty house and an encroaching sense of loneliness, and I was cranky so we were the perfect antidote for each other.

But the best part of her whole visit was when she walked in the front door and I said, "Sorry the house is such a pigsty," (as I idly kicked a little pile of dirty - but not soiled - undies out of view), and she looked around and said, "That's cute."

"What's cute?"

"That you think this is a pigsty."

Well, we may only be one human and two cats but we have let our standards slip shockingly. Shockingly.

1 comment:

JahTeh said...

Standards are for mere mortals not us.

My sister wouldn't have noticed the dust this morning if she hadn't ran her finger across the desk trying to nick one of my parrot feathers.