05 July 2009

Til Death Do Us, Mercifully, Part

New Girl and Man Hands are still on hols, post-wedding. They have, from all accounts, been enjoying much quality time together. A hell of a lot of time.

I went out to dinner with Heidi and some of her mates last night to celebrate Heidi's birthday and then popped in briefly at a part-ay that LadyBoy were at. New Girl saw me arrive from the upstairs balcony and shrieked a boisterous greeting. It was fairly apparent that she'd spent the earlier part of the evening doing some intensive wine appreciation. If the screaming hadn't made it obvious, the little dance she did to Aga-Doo later on would have cleared things up pretty quickly.

I didn't hang around for long and when I went to leave New Girl and one of her friends walked me to my car. We were talking about having lunch during the week. We asked New Girl when she'd be free and she was able to tell us any day would be fine as Man Hands would be off at uni full-time for the next two weeks. She grabbed us both by the arms, as much to help with her balance as for emphasis. "At last," she nearly sobbed, "at last. I'm going to be rid of him!"

And to think she was ungrateful enough to accept a ride home from the poor boy.

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