09 May 2009

The Simple Life

We were at The Raffles, which is in The Antiquer's and HKF's hood, and HKF mentioned that the IGA next door is frequented by the Plymouth Brethren. He and The A got into quite the heated commentary on them, not all of it uncomplimentary - particularly in regard to the female folk.

At some point the conversation shifted on to The Antiquer's...let's say...appreciation of women who dress in a modest fashion: "Laura Ashley floral print skirts and sensible flat brown shoes" is his description. Or as I say, "They could be streetwalkers but as long as they look unsullied he'd be all over 'em."

Hong Kong Fooey, on his nth beer of the evening, got a little confused at this point. "Are we talking about the Brethren or hot women?"

"Same diff," said The Antiquer.

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