20 May 2009

Do you dare me to put my tongue on it?

Can someone explain what is going on here? First there were possessed beaters, now this...

I have a stainless steel bench top in the kitchen, and sitting in the wall above the bench is a power point where I plug my phone in to charge. I was standing in the kitchen - just then - in only my undies and a t-shirt and I picked up my phone, which was still charging, to Twitter, or do something else equally meaningful. Anyway, the top of my leg was leaning against the bench and I felt a prickling sensation? on my skin? where it touched the bench. I ignored it at first and then paid more attention. I stepped away from the bench and leaned against it - prickling sensation and a humming noise! I ran my hand against the bench, prickling sensation on hand, humming noise, and I could feel, like, a ripple? following along underneath my hand. Put the phone down on the bench, nothing happened; picked phone up, prickling, humming, rippling! Switch power point off, switch power point on - same thing.

This is exactly the kind of thing that will have RobertPlant ringing me tomorrow to say, "Come over to the clear white light of Protestantism." He thinks I'm living in the Catholic dark ages. But he's confusing me with Don Mary. It's easy to tell the difference: I'm taller.

So what do you think? Should I call an electrician or an exorcist?


d said...

"prick"ling sensation and humming noise... am I the only one thinking what I am thinking, Haze, you really need to re-read this with my mind, oh dear, long interview day today.

hazelblackberry said...

That WAS a long interview. Get some sleep, boyo.