26 April 2009

Still Life With List

No, wait. On Twitter I lied: there isn't even time for one quick blog before I go out. I'll blog tomorrow.

Things to blog about:
- The Antiquer has been running races. And how. Trophies.
- Small Thing has therefore been requiring a babysitter. And how.
- Stopping in at Boxer Girl's - disease; middle aged.
- Drinks with k. and d.: smoke on the water; spying; getting enough chocolate.
- Pinnacles. Gravity. Roadhouse.
- Lunch with New Girl and Wednesday.

I have to write these things here to, (a) whet your appetite (go on, you know you're dying to come back) and (b) because I had all these notes stored in my mobile phone and now they're gone because my phone is gone: also the subject for a blog post.

A demain!

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