27 April 2009

What. Evs.

I was running a scenario past d.

"Say you're a guy," I began.

"Oh well done," piped up k. from the back seat. "You've always had a fine grasp for the primary facts of a situation."


Later, over dinner, k. was discussing a complicated theory she'd been reading about (probably on Wikipedia). New Girl and I really wanted to get to the heart of the matter so we pressed k. for details. It was a theory by, you know, 'them', and had been espoused by 'some guy' in 'this book'. I may have commented somewhat disparagingly at this point on k.'s lack of attention to detail. Despite having a steak knife in her hand, k. only looked daggers at me.


On the way home d. reassured me that he'd love it if girls rang him and asked him out.

Although k. had quaffed several champagnes over the course of the evening, her voice was as a dry as dust as she told him, "But, dear, your wife might not be too pleased about it."


k said...

I don't read maldicion wikipedia!

hazelblackberry said...

So you're using my maldicion now?

k said...

um, no I am leaving that one right alone!