25 April 2009

Clinique, Eat Yer Heart Out

Autumn is upon us but, apart from a couple of cooler days and a chilly night, the warm weather continues. It's also a little muggy, which can play havoc with one's complexion. However, over the last few months, New Girl and I have done considerable research and feel that we have perfected a skin care routine that we'd like to share with you all.

We start with this wine:

As you can see, it is a self-proclaimed "summer cleanser". This is the perfect way to wash away the cares of the day and refresh the skin, particularly the delicate areas around the eye.

After some cleansing, we need a good astringent to tighten the pores. Our choice? Vodka!

Lastly, moisturiser. Something not too heavy, but with a good creamy base that will truly nourish the epidermis. Who could go past Bailey's (mmm...creamy, beige)? [And a must during those harsh, drying winter months.]

There you have it. A simple three-step routine to keep you feeling fresh and invigorated.

Many beauty routines emphasise the "a little goes a long way" philosophy. New Girl and I are not opposed to this idea, but with the products we've identified, if you'd like to splash them around with wild abandon - well, that's all part of the fun.

And those rosy cheeks we all find so desirable? I think you'll find they take care of themselves.


JahTeh said...

What! No Bombay Sapphire!
Wonderful for circulation all the way to the feet.

hazelblackberry said...

Improvisation is encouraged. Bomb(ay)s away!