24 April 2009

"I'm never so dumb as when I'm being smart." - Linus van Pelt

Yesterday I asked New Girl if she and Man Hands wanted to join me, k. and d. for dinner prior to taking in the Dylan Moran show on Sunday night. This led to a bloody dispute over whether we were going to see Mr Moran on Friday or Sunday night. I undertook to check.

From: hazelblackberry@
Sent: Friday, 24 April 2009 9:05AM
To: New Girl@
Subject: right-o!

I was right.

Our Dylan Moran tix are for Sunday night.

I love being right.

Yours in rightnessment,
Ms Right

PS: To answer my previous question: dinner beforehand at Sirocco?

From: New Girl@
Sent: Friday, 24 April 2009 9:07AM
To: hazelblackberry@
Subject: RE: right-o!

Yes yes - remember your in-tray experience before you wave me away!

dinner. yep!

have one of your people book it for us

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