11 March 2009

Queers and Steers

When k. signed us up for boot camp I was a bit worried that we were going to be flogged. But no, she assured me that the boot camp guy had assured her that there was no flogging involved. They built you up slowly, he said. In fact, he said, they had to stop people from going too hard early on.

Our first session was yesterday morning. When I got home my arms were shaking so much I wasn't sure if I could get the key into the door. I didn't know how I was going to get my arms above my head to wash my hair, let alone lift a hair dryer. By the time I got to work it felt as though every major muscle group was failing me. Fortunately, my right thumb still worked so I could send a very bitter text to k. re the promise of no flogging versus the actual flogging we received.

She was alright though. She'd had a nap and a soak in the ocean. I sat at my computer, nibbling on a chocolate biscuit and plotting revenge.

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k said...

This one time? At boot camp?