11 March 2009

For the Birds and the Bees

Climbing Jacob's Ladder is an unpleasant experience and something that casts a pall over my every Tuesday. I just can't relate to all the people prancing up and down the stairs with enthusiasm. They look sprightly; they have a spring in their step. I'd hate them all but one mustn't feel that way towards the mentally ill.

However, as with most things in life there are compensations. After our climb, Scarab and I repair to the Botanical Cafe, taking a table overlooking the city while we sip on a post-climb beverage. Yesterday we were in the park later than usual and as we sat enjoying the view the sky darkened to purple, the city centre sparkled, small lights darted back and forth across the black surface of the river and above it all sat the full moon.

The best things in life are free. Unless, like me, you were foolish enough to get scalped for a mineral water.

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k said...

If it makes you feela ny better i went to yoga this morning and nearly expired. Do they have a position called "dead dog in the middle of the road?"