10 March 2009

No Bull

k., d. and I were enjoying a late evening coffee (hot chocolate for me). d., who had ordered the drinks, also very thoughtfully got us a Baci chocolate each. We unwrapped our treats and read the little message of love inside. k. and I were reminiscing about how, in our uni days, Baci chocolates were such an indulgence and how she would collect the little bit of paper that came with it (and we'd all give her ours as well); planning one day to decorate a wall of a house with all those pretty little words. Meanwhile, d. was looking a little puzzled.

"Is this one some kind of ad for Carefree or something?" he asked, flapping the little transluscent rectangle around.

His message read: Friendship is love without his wings.

And probably without his handy purse pack, too.


Heather said...

Early in my Baci days I collected those things, too. I never, once, got such a funny one as that! ha!

hazelblackberry said...

"Early in mt Baci days" - it's good to know you've had a long and illustrious Baci career, Heather. My focus all these years has been Toblerone.

new girl said...

The best Baci I've found said -

Woman: You don't understand me.
Man: What do you mean?