26 March 2009

Landed Gentry

Working away in The Antiquer's front yard, putting up a fence for him, was his mate Bruce the Brickie. While we chatted in the warm sunshine, BtheB was busy carting wheelbarrow loads of stuff hither and thither. The Antiquer was telling me all about how wiped out he was: he'd been for some deep tissue massage this morning that, apparently, releases toxins from your body and had left him feeling quite ill. After such a busy and draining morning, he was going inside to rest his shattered body and psyche - and eat an apple turnover.

Well, at least he doesn't subscribe to the let them eat cake theory.

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k said...

if you read this in the morning, I left my phone in your car. It would be a huge favour to me if you would pleeeeeeeaaase drop it off on your way to work.
Thanks heeeeeaaaaaaps