08 March 2009


No time to blog.

Our second City to Surf training run was this morning. New Girl and I were interpreting the "run" part fairly liberally and we were rather surprised when everyone else took off at a brisk jog and left us behind. This didn't bother us overly as we had much to discuss - as always. I'd dropped her at home at midnight the night before, which was an unwelcome intrusion into solving the probs of the world, so now we had the opportunity to pick up where we left off. And we made good progress - expect your various world leaders to begin articulating our vision sometime soon.

And now? Well, a few months ago one of Tam O'Shanter's friends was trying to round up a few people to see the Shakespearean epic, 'The War of the Roses' (starring Cate Blanchett! She's a celebrity). Eight hours in a theatre with, you know, theatre-going types. The Antiquer and I scoffed and wondered what kind of idiot* would spend that amount of time at a play. To cut a long and banal story short...in two short hours I'm going to be trapped for eight hours in a theatre watching 'War of the Roses'. Luckily there's a two-hour intermission and I've packed a pillow - during the break I'll be heading back to the car for a nap.

In the immortal words of Pig, Porky Esq: "Th-th-th-that's all folks!"

*We may have used slightly harsher words than 'idiot'.


Karen said...

I'm sure you will enjoy it. We watched the three plays in quick succession over a weekend a couple of years ago: a matinee and an evening performance on the Saturday, and a Sunday matinee. (I think? The details elude me, but we saw all the plays, and in order.) A bit more stretched out than yours -- and not with Cate Blanchett -- but still good.

k said...

hope you enjoyed it, how's ya butt?

Spud Mack said...

Who starts training for the city to surf 6 months before it begins?? and also, does your solution to the world's problems include the word 'shit-storm'?

hazelblackberry said...

k. - My bumly is numbly, chumly.

Spud - when I say training, I mean "training". You may notice New Girl and I WALKED. And now, our solutions included words like "shoe-sale" and "poached-eggs-on-toast".

hazelblackberry said...

Eight plays, Karen. EIGHT. All abridged of course. Thank the sweet Lord for that. And, like, the producers of the show.

k said...

spud, this is how the rest of the world knows that you don't know any of us - I don't think that six months will be long enough, frankly.