08 March 2009

He Can't Be Convicted

Except this...

Yesterday QEII and I were hooning up the freeway when we found ourselves driving along next to The Antiquer. We wound down our windows for a chat. Hint: not the best behaviour when hooning up - or down - the freeway. The woman I nearly sideswiped looked a little miffed.

So The Antiquer told us to follow him to Beatty Park where he was taking Small Thing for a swim. While QEII made the acquaintance of the Small, The Antiquer and I chatted about this and that.

"Have you changed my name on your blog yet?"

"Nuh. Why would I?"

He claims the name no longer reflects his true nature, but then proceeded to talk at length and in tedious detail about recent purchases Initials in the Tree had made on ebay. His eyes gleamed and took on a far away aspect. It was disturbing and a trifle pathetic. What he's got is an illness and until he gets himself into a twelve-step programme he'll always be The Antiquer to me.

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