06 March 2009



I've made a bit of a mistake at work*. Blah. Nothing that will cause the world to spin off its axis or anything - so everyone just calm down - but bad enough for me to sit in my office cringing.

I was on the phone to k. lamenting my stupidity when my mobile phone beeped. A friend and I were supposed to be meeting up for lunch today but I hadn't heard from her. The beeping was her texting me to ask, "Is 2 o'clock too late?"

"Well, duh," I said to k. "Doesn't she realise I need to be in the office this afternoon so I can cop a bollocking?"

k. suggested that I try the "it's your fault, you didn't train me properly" tactic.

Failing that, I'll just chew moodily on a bit of pork pie tonight. I blame society. Society made me what I am.

*I'm not talking about blogging at work. Though I'm sure that'll catch up with me too.

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