06 March 2009

It's Company Policy

k. and I were having dinner at Benny's before trooping off to the movies. We gave one waiter our orders for our food and a cocktail each. While we waited we gazed idly out the window. A woman outside was causing a commotion, but about what wasn't exactly clear. Another waiter brought us our drinks and as he placed them in front of us, asked (looking a little concerned), "You two did order meals, didn't you?" Clearly we looked like two such vile harridans that we couldn't be trusted to consume alcohol without the calming influence of food. We were having a bit of a giggle over this when we looked out the window again. A police wagon had pulled up. The waiter who'd been so concerned over us was outside directing the six police officers in attendance to where the loud, raving woman was making a ruckus. It seemed like a pretty strong message to any other potentially unruly customers.

We sipped our drinks politely and tried not to make eye contact with anyone.

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