07 February 2009

A Little Nip of Gin

Whenever staff join The Place I'm now "working" at, a welcoming email has to go out letting everyone else know who the new face is bobbing around. Well, that seems like a good idea. What requires a little more thought is the necessity to put a photo in with the email.


In the first lot of photos I either had my eyes shut or half-shut.

In the second lot I looked a bit mental.

I settled for the third lot, because in those I only looked drunk.

Fortunately with no computer access all day, I didn't have to confront the awful truth. I did notice a few people veer away from the door of my office as they walked by. What were they expecting? Me to start lobbing Tanqueray bottles at passers-by for sport? Not that that idea doesn't have some merit...

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