27 January 2009

We Are Young(-ish) and Free

Hope youse all had a rool grouse Orstraya Day, eh?

I spent a most pleasant afternoon in the company of Inge de Bruin, The Boy, The Girl and later IdeB's on-again off-again boyfriend, when he came home from golf (since he seems to be more and more on-again, I might have to think of a name for him). We ate tacos, drank wine and spent a long time in the spa. Delightful, if you see what I mean.

Inge put some blueberry-flavoured vodka Cruisers on the table. "They're Mummy's favourite drink!" announced The Girl. "She doesn't just have blue ones; she's got green and orange as well," The Boy helpfully added.

"They're all Mummy's favourites," said Inge.


Inge and her ex-husband each have the kids one week at a time. She was telling me that the ex wants her to have the kids full-time for three months while he gets some stuff sorted out. She finds this upsetting for a number of reasons, not least because she does think The Boy and The Girl need time with their dad. While we were talking the youngsters were playing with the puppy, who can be a bit boisterous even for those two. We paused to watch some kind of kerfuffle happening over in the yard which involved some barking and nipping, much shrieking and, inevitably, tears. Inge and I looked at each other. I had been going to ask her if she wanted her offspring full-time but I could figure that answer out for myself.


Spud Mack said...

The trouble I always find with eating taco's in the spa, is the inevitable collection of shredded lettuce in the filter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day!

hazelblackberry said...

Thanks, bru.

And, Spud, the lettuce that gets caught is a snack for later.

k said...


Karen said...

Shouldn't you be eating lamb chops or something? Prawns on the barbie? A kangaroo steak? What's with the Mexican food on Australia Day?

hazelblackberry said...

Yeah, we should have been...but...we're independent women and we do as we please!