26 January 2009

Now cracks a noble heart

Grumpy came down to the house to be here when our old car, George Lasernby, the Georgia Satellite, was taken away. He'd been sitting on our front verge for months and a man dropped by during the week to see if he could have him for parts. Grumpy sent me a text saying he cried as George was towed away. I knew how he felt. He was the car we bought when we got married and over the years he took us everywhere in the city and the country. He even drove us round Australia.

We always knew it would be like the end of an era when we got rid of him. I guess neither of us expected it would be the end of our era too.

RIP Georgie Boy.

1 comment:

QE11 said...

I just remembr so many fun times in the Mighty George - he will be sorely missed. RIP mate.