26 January 2009

They huffed and they puffed.

I collected a heap of glass at the beach last weekend - it's getting to be an addiction - but hadn't bothered to move it from the passenger side floor mat.

"Goodness me!" said New Girl as she tried to manoeuvre her feet around the bits and pieces. "Did someone try to break into the pixie mobile?!"


Carol said...

We don't seem to have sea glass on this side of the continent (well, not that I have encountered at any beach I've been to). The first time I saw any In Real Life was in Vernazza - which was super-exciting (so I grabbed myself a small handful**). I didn't find any pretty blue or pink bits though.

While in Cinque Terre Don bought me a rather nice yellow sea glass ring (which I've removed in favour of The Rock and because it turns my finger green).

I hope you find suitably delightful things to do with your pieces.

**Being a good girl, I declared it just in case.

Karen said...

I used to collect beach glass from Lake Ontario when I was a kid. Now I live by the river (oh oh ohhhh).*

Sometimes I miss the lake. It used to define my southern horizon. Light blue, dark blue, land. Rivers just aren't the same.

* But not in London.

k said...

and nothibng is burning by the lake, Karen! so definitely a safer bet.