28 January 2009

Chocolate and Cheese

The Antiquer handed me a cup of lollies.

"There was a lid on them, but it fell on the floor in the men's toilet. I decided you probably wouldn't want it."

"No I wouldn't. But I am delighted to know that this open container of food was soaking up the atmosphere of the facilities."

Really, though, who was I to complain? There were lolly bananas in the mix - and Chicos!


k said...

Well the question on all our lips of course, is what was he doing in the mens with a cup of lollies?
(I hope he wasn't at a school)

hazelblackberry said...

No because then that would have been the little boys'!

The Antiquer, god love him, is a wonderful person, but lacks certain organisational skills: for example, organising himself to go first to the toilet and second to buy the lollies. You see how it is.