24 January 2009

So, where's your wife?

When we were seated in the restaurant The Antiquer looked a little uncomfortable.

"Everyone recognises me from last night," he said.

He'd been in there the night before with his mother-in-law and the two women from next door. He was fretting about what people might be thinking. When the waitress came over he felt obliged to introduce me, explain who I was, and who his guests had been on the previous evening.

The waitress smiled as she stood at our table and was friendly enough. Somehow, I don't think she really gave a hoot.

But The Antiquer wasn't satisfied. He looked up and impressed upon her, "I'm not a gigolo, you know!"


k said...

but who paid for lunch?

hazelblackberry said...

Dinner. And The Antiquer did. Thus proving non-gigolo-osity.