23 January 2009

In Our Cups

At about 10 last night, after drinks with my friend Chestnut, I dropped in on k. and d. who were sitting on their front verandah drinking wine. Yes, we're all frightfully sophisticated. I was there to pick up half a loaf of spelt bread. ["It's spelt b-r-e-a-d," says k.]

When I wandered in the front gate k. asked what was in the shopping bag.

"I got some bras..."

"Oh." She didn't seem too interested (and I didn't expect her to be).

"...including a slutty red one!"

k. lunged at the bag. "Let me see!"

She inspected it by the low light coming from the house onto the verandah. "That's not slutty, hb! It's sensual."

Slutty, sensual - hazelblackberry is all things to all people!

Where was d. in all of this? Closely inspecting his toenails, paying no attention to proceedings. Sometimes he can be such a sensible lad.


Anonymous said...

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QE11 said...

I too have a sore head from flashing my brabut miy bra was filled with my boos at the tome...hangover UGH

QE11 said...

clearly my spelling is compromised in the above comment - that would be the hangover...I meant to say that my bra on show was filled with my boobs....