24 January 2009

Just at the last minute they veered off.

As we drove along the freeway today, New Girl and I passed a Jeep whose owner had replaced its soft top with a giant Australian flag. Patriotic and tasteful. New Girl leaned across me and gave the two male occupants a huge smile and thumbs up. Assuming we approved of their marvellous vehicular accessorising, they smiled back. Then, to my consternation, they continued to follow us along the freeway and on to the Hutton Street exit.

"Hmm," mused New Girl, "I hope that in modern day youth culture, thumbs up doesn't mean, 'Please follow us home and rape us.'"


Carol said...

This has been a bit of a topic of conversation in the Don and Carol haushold over the past couple of days - particularly given the abundance of monaros proudly flying the BWS Aus flags from each window (and the housing commission blocks flying Australian flags from each window).

I don't know when it became a trend to display the Aus flag everywhere, but back in the day one was rightly ashamed of bandying the flag about - all that sort of thing was American and therefore something to be sneered at.

This whole jingoistic bogan flag displaying makes me quite ashamed to be Australian (perhaps I can piggyback on my husband's Americanism).

There's actually a quite interesting Compass epsiode on right this second.

Also, my captcha is "wooface"

hazelblackberry said...

I'm with you, wooface. I can't bear all this flag waving stuff. And why do the flags get bigger the closer we get to Australia Day? "That's perspective," says k.

Carol said...

Lest you think I had completely lost my mind, that last bit wasn't intended to be the non sequitur it is. It was supposed to say: "there's actually a quite interesting Compass episode about that very subject on right this second".

Of course it is no longer on right this second.

We've also noticed a big increase in southern crosses on the rear windows of cars. Yesterday on our way through The Shire we saw a very tasteful southern cross made from frangipani stickers, which really opens up all sorts of possibilities - perhaps a southern cross comprised of Australian Flags? The ultimate in boganity.

Spud Mack said...

Oh The Shire....the only place where you can now buy t-shirts with your postcode emblazoned across the front...or for those more adventurous, just get the postcode tat' placed directly under the southern cross tat' you already have.