26 December 2008

The Christmas that Broke My Back

So The Antiquer's family - who are loads of fun and very welcoming to an interloper like me - get together for breakfast on Christmas morning and then retire, hurt, to their various abodes to recover, and then all get together again in the evening for a turkey buffet (regrettably sans a handsome man in a reindeer jumper).

In the evening a box was opened full of presents from a cousin in Texas. Also in the box were various bits and pieces sent over to fill up space and, perhaps, provide amusement. The Antiquer and his cousin were browsing through a very tasteful calender called America Remembered, which attached a nostalgic image to each month. May's offering was called 'A Day to Remember'.

As his cousin turned the page to reveal the June picture, The Antiquer didn't even miss a beat, instantly recaptioning it 'A Night to Forget'.

Well, I'll tell you what: it sure beat the jokes on offer in the Christmas crackers.

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d said...

For some reason the sequence here brings Brokeback Mountain to mind, I think I need to get out more.