25 December 2008

The beating of reindeer hoofs in our heads.

QEII came over last night for a roast. She drank a bottle of red wine and I drank a bottle of champagne. There was a slightly cranky exchange of presents this morning.

I managed to get off the couch to make my friend a cup of coffee, like a good hostess would. She was a little impatient for it.

"Quickly!" she shrieked as I fossicked in the cupboard for the sugar.

Phew. I'm kind of glad I have to be over at The Antiquer's cousin's place for an early brekky. I really need an excuse to get away from her.

Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence and, you know, Merry Christmas to you too.


QE11 said...

you are most evil.
have a cool Yule.

tonelawc said...

Your good wishes are
return'd, but Tone renames this
new month, Jennuiry.