24 November 2008

I hope the cat that bit her bit her freaking hard.

The vet cleaned and bandaged my hand. When I turned around he saw the spots of blood that were coming through onto my shirt from my back.

He chortled. "You really did have trouble getting her in the carrier, didn't you?"

So I've abandoned any idea of getting a tattoo. I'm just going to let Pounce decorate me with Interesting Scars.


Karen said...

Perhaps one day we will meet and we can compare our interesting cat-inflicted scars.

hazelblackberry said...

Once you've viewed my physical scars, you may have mental scars - just bear that in mind.

Anonymous said...

if you want to make them lasting, you need to rub ash into them and then knock the top off them once a week for a month or so.
(word verification....varadscr - truly)