23 November 2008

90 miles an hour down a dead-end street.

I grabbed a bottle of wine and ripped up to the hills last night to have dinner with Inge de Bruin. She was sans on-again-off-again boyfriend and sans kiddies so we made quite the night of it, swapping gossip and forming our own little Russell-Crowe-in-Gladiator Appreciation Society. Inge even used rude language! Just in general. Not about Russell. I think.

As I zoomed down the scarp on my way home I decided to give Roe Highway the swerve and take Great Eastern Highway instead. What a brilliant decision. Full marks to me. Going to Inge's, the Roe is fast and efficient. But going home in the dead of night it's dreary and featureless. And who's in a rush when you've got all your favourite tunes lined up on the iPod?

Perth is a city of highways and I have a love affair with them all, because I have a love affair with driving. As someone said to me recently: "This household is leaving a global carbon footprint." Tootling down GEH at 1am, I decided that it's my favourite for night-time driving. It takes a little longer but has so many lights and so much action, so many things to see.

I hope Inge and I get together for dinner again soon. Just so long as she doesn't feel used.

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