15 February 2008

Eyes and Ears - 15/02/08

Here's a little something I want to launch on you all to give vent to my not-so-inner pretentious git. Once a week - until I forget or can't be bothered any more - I'm going to post what I've been reading and listening to.

I just hope you read it and realise what an interesting person I am. Believe me, I'm fascinating.

I've just finished A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J Gaines; a story set in the 1940s. A teacher on a plantation visits a young black man in prison, condemned to death for a crime he didn't commit. Both of them struggle with the circumstances of their lives and eventually are inspired by one another to face what each of them must face.

As solemn and, at times, grim as the story must be, there are moments of dry humour which took me by surprise - I had to re-read certain passages just to be sure they were there. I finished it yesterday evening, lying on the bed, crying my eyes out.

Now I need a break so I've turned to The Return of Sherlock Holmes. The perfect cure for too much introspection.

Top 5 Songs:
Soft Bomb - The Chills
Vincent Van Gogh - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
You're the One for Me Fatty - Morrissey
Am I Black Enough for You? - Billy Paul
High Voltage - AC/DC


Susan said...

Oh I love hearing about other people's inner pretentious git! I also love Jonathan Richman.

hazelblackberry said...

Isn't he marvellous?

My inner pretentious git is swelling with pride (pride that it always felt was perfectly justified).

Lonie Polony said...

*Sigh* posts like this remind me how crude and uncultured I really am :(

hazelblackberry said...

People who know me in real life just died laughing.

theianandanexpedition said...

A Lesson Before Dying is a fantastic book. Also read his book 'A Gathering of Old Men' which is also really good.

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

High Voltage?


You're nothing but a closet bogan :-)

Anonymous said...

And you know what TISM said about them