17 February 2008

He also thinks it should be the National Australia Bank Cup

Grumpy is doing a slow boil in front of the NAB Cup Western Derby listening to Glen Jakovich's commentary:

"Des Headland has been accredited with that goal.....which is what the Dockers recruited him for somewhat years ago."

According to Grumpy, "That idiot is a disgrace to South Coogee Primary School."

Anyway, I need to break the news to him that Miss Marple begins in 15 minutes. That should do his blood pressure the world of good.


Livewire said...

Go the Dockers!

Although, as if there was any coverage of that in Canberra. Its as if Perth is another country.

Susan said...

Miss Marple indeed. I like the way you work.

hazelblackberry said...

Livewire: It is. That's what we love about it.

Susan: Me work?? Good god, woman, don't you read my blog??