15 February 2008

Chaos, confusion, panic - my work here is done.

Today is my last day at work. It's kind of exciting and also a little nerve-wracking.

I'm having two weeks off - because, as I told a bemused Grumpy, six weeks in France last year and ten days off over Christmas was, like, sooooo exhausting - and then I'm heading back to uni for a year.

I will tell you what I'm doing. I won't be able to avoid it, I don't think, if I'm to keep up my usual running commentary of bitterness and snark. But I'm not ready to just yet. A bit more paperwork to be done.

And, hey, I have to use all the tools at my disposal to keep you coming back for more.

Watch this space. All will be revealed. You just have to be patient, my pretties.

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