05 December 2007

Start A Fire

This is how rumours get going. Yesterday evening our Board had its annual Christmas part-ay, which always begins with a bunch of VIP stiffs hanging around having quietly-spoken, boring conversations, and ends with most of our employees barely able to see straight enough to dial for a taxi home. When I say most I mean everyone but me.

[As we left Boxer Girl's birthday bash, walking to the car where Grumpy awaited us, New Girl said, "Let's pretend we're not drunk." I pointed out that it would be very easy for me to do so, because I wasn't.]

Early in the evening I spied a Board member, who is also actually a human being, standing by herself. I walked over to have a chat. She complimented the necklace I was wearing. I told her that I'd bought it a year ago but only recently had acquired the skirt I was wearing, which would go with it. As a lull in the conversational hum occurred, and some VIP happened to drift near us, I said, "I'm glad I managed to pick this up [the skirt]. It was getting to the point I was going to have to sashay into work naked, wearing nothing but the necklace."

We both had a laugh but I happened to turn my head and that's when I noticed the VIP and his startled look as he scampered back to the safety of his conversational scrum. A few minutes later someone had broken free of that group to come and ask me, "What's this I hear about you coming to work naked?" By the end of the evening the rumour had circled the room at least twice and had turned into me proposing a date on which I was actually going to get my kit off if, indeed, it wasn't the case that I hadn't already done so. Even as I was saying my farewells it was being asserted to me that I would, in the very near future, be rolling up to work newd.

I should have pointed out that it is summer and a girl needs to be comfortable.


k. said...

But please, don't forget the sunscreen!
(13 days til we get home!)

slatz said...

Don't forget to youtube it!

theianandanexpedition said...

So what date did you tie yourself down to?

hazelblackberry said...

k - yes, my delicate pale skin could probably even burn under fluoro tubes

(and - yay!!!)

slatz - schyeah

ianandan - schyeah