05 December 2007

In the clutch, and holding one

Normally it's Canned Ham who gets into these sorts of pickles (ha ha!) so I was happy to take the heat off her for a change. Still, she can always be relied upon to come to the party in more ways than one.

Half way through the evening the Most V of all the VIPs arrived. He gave a short speech summing up yet another thrilling year in our field of endeavour and stayed for a while to mingle with the plebs.

A few of us were having a laugh at how WiseMan had bailed up Most V to talk about how he'd been at the same function as Most V and his partner and had enjoyed watching them carve up the dance floor. "Cutting a rug" was the term I used.

The Ham cast a glance over her shoulder to where Most V was standing only a couple of metres away, his pate shining in the soft glow of the fluorescent lights. "I don't know about cutting one," she said, "but he certainly needs a rug."

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